Team Development

Six researchers and senior lecturers from several faculties in two universities, Oslo University College and Norwegian University of Life Sciences, were involved in project developing a master in public health science, by nature an interdisciplinary program. To succeed in building a holistic program the group needed to develop a mutual understanding of each other’s subject areas, concepts and cultures. Could digital storytelling help them share professional perspectives and personal engagement in public health?

We designed a process integrating writing and feedback sessions in the regular group meetings on three occasions over a two month period. Reading and giving feedback in story circles the researchers revealed knowledge that they had not found ways to share during regular team meetings. Scepticism at the outset gradually changed to curiosity and pride in the products. The stories are in Norwegian, and we have put subtitles in English on a couple of the stories to give an impression:

Healthy Noice– on a salutogenetic perspective on health by Knut Løndal, OUC

Furry Health – on the use of pets in therapy by Bente Berget, UMB

To see the rest of the stories, in Norwegian only,  please visit The Norwegian University of Life Sciences



Projectleader for developing the master program: Grete Patil, T: +47 6496 5656

Projectleader for pedagogical issues and organisational learning: Mike Moulton T: +47 6496 5995



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