In partnership with Jazzmontør we have arranged a number of open workshops. A typical workshop may look like this:
• Day one aim: Find and write the story – From free flow to 300 words
• Intermediate aim: – find images, sound tracks and ”objects”
• Day two aim: Recording
• Day three aim: Finished product

Most of our stories are in Norwegian, and many can not be published because of copyright issues. Stories are produced in open workshops, and lately most are produced by students in regular bachelor courses, supported by peers.

The stories presented here are all results of a limited production period, one to three days and as a rule they have not been professionally “polished”  afterwards.

To us it’s an important aspect of digital storytelling that the production process is undemanding when it comes to time available and digital skills.

This principle applies whether the producers are staff, students or participants from outside the university college.


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