Reflections from practice – digitally told

Experiences with bachelor students: Sport, outdoor  life and health

2007/2008: After a pre-practice lecture on reflection and experiential learning based on Kolb’s model (Kolb 1984), students were asked, during their work practice, to  prepare a story and take pictures. In a one day workshop after returning to school they finished their stories and produced their “films”. They had access to some production assistance but relied on each other for feedback and support equipped with some concrete rules for productive feedback. Here is one example with English subtitles.


The students worked with reflection and storytelling throughout the year and produced their final stories relying to a great extent on their peers for feedback and support in the process. Two of the stories are in English as the students spent time in South Africa. In spite of technical challenges they managed to produce these stories:

They call it UBUNTU

A little is a lot


Articles, presentations and written reports


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