Cultural diversity 2008

 This is a cooperative project involving Jazzmontør, Oslo University College and The Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs that was initiated by the project leader for the Norwegian Year of Cultural Diversity. Thirteen representatives for performing artists and other professions in the cultural sector were invited to tell their stories. The goal was to produce stories that could encourace and motivate young people, particularly of minority background, to choose a career in the fine arts. The stories were published on a CD and sent to schools.

Jai Shankar; Rhyme as religion; Indian classical music
Alexander Grüner; Mogning; textile art
Francis Enebeli; paintings
Hannah Wozene Kvam; performing artist and writer
Lavleen Kaur; kathak, folk dance, theatre and motion pictures
Morten Joachim; theatre
Shwan O. Abdoullah; photo and paintings
Oisaa Mbonika; paintings, sculpture, installations
Wilmine Vaagen; “Tatt av fortellingen”; on digital storytelling
Ayesha Iqbal Khan; archives
Tonje Nordmo; creative projects
Leandro Cassiano; paintings, drawing and illustrations


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