Projects and resources

Center for Digital Storytelling – Where it all started

DigiTales – American activity run by Bernajean Porter

Capture Wales – A pioneering project run by BBC (2001-2008)

Digistories – UK-activity building on experiences from “Telling lives”

Digital Empowerment – European project with a number of partners

Shahrazad – stories for life – with Stavanger as Norwegian partner

The Norwegian Year for Cultural Heritage 2009

DUSTY – Digital Underground Storytelling for Youth – Berkeley, USA

Queensland digital library – youth produce stories in the library


Storycircle advice – stikkord for å få til gode fortellinger

Tools developed by the project Digital Empowerment: Check out Methodology Guide & Trainers Toolkit

Metodeveiledning fra prosjektet Fortell meg (in Norwegian)

Evaluating students’ multimodal texts (in Norwegian)

Sara Lisa Brännberg: Digitala historier, det muntliga berättandet med den nye tekniken. En steg för steg handledning i Windows Moviemaker (versjon 2.6)

Egen oppskrift for produksjon i Moviemaker 2.6 med tips om bilder

My own “mini-cookbook”  (in Norwegian) and “midi-cookbook” with more illustrations (in Norwegian)

Criteria for assessment

Our first attempt in 2008: Jamissen og Buchmann 2008

Thank you to Bonnie Long from National University of Ireland, Galway, for sharing a very comprehensive Digital Storytelling Assessment Rubric 2012-2013


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