A project at Oslo University College

At Oslo University College we have been working with digital storytelling since 2006, and this blogg is a way to communicate our experiences, visions and questions regarding the use of digital storytelling for research communication, learning, team development, and – what started it all – the personal narrative.

A digital story is a short personal “film” produced by the narrator. The story is supported by photos, (videos) and soundtracks. The editing is done in accessable and easy to use  software. We use Windows Moviemaker or iMovie and sometimes add Audacity for better sound.

The origin of this project was the search for media for alternative research communication. Together with two individual founders, now the company Jazzmontør, we developed a workshop approach to develop and produce the researchers’ stories.

The basis for our work is the personal story, or life stories, like our primary source of inspiration, Center for Digital Storytelling. From that point of departure we have started using digital stories in a variety of situations, with students and staff. The common feature is that we are investigating the transition from the personal to something we call “personal-professional” stories – professional issues and themes with a personal engagement.

Reflection and learning
Most noteworthy is our approach to digital storytelling as a tool and method to enhance the reflective processes in learning situations. This is particularly relevant in life stories and experience based learning, and we also see students’ learning of curriculum benefit from telling each other stories.

Sharing experience and knowledge
Joe Lambert, one of the founders of Digital Storytelling, writes about “The magic of the story circle” in his book “Digital storytelling. Capturing lives, creating community”.

It’s exactly this magic – observed again and again – that makes us believe so strongly in digital storytelling as a method for groups of people working towards a common goal. Through the process where you write, read, listen and give feedback you get to see better both your own contribution and that of your fellows. See the  “UMB”-project as an example.

Our aim is that the project will be well documented through reports, new tools and research articles made available on this website. This is in addition to what is most important – the increasing storytelling activity among our students, staff and partners.


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  1. I attended one of your mini course in Digital Story Telling and it was a great experience. It was educating and inspiring to learn how you, out of simple features and tools – with the right focus – could have the greatest outcome.

    I guess you remember mine 🙂

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