Monthly Archives: October 2012

Digital stories for research communication?

This is what we started off with at Oslo University College and so far it has not been a great success. So inspiring then to see these stories from Sweden communicating the driving force and motivation of young researchers. Thank you to Ragnhild Larsson!



Exciting seminar in Lillehammer (again:-))

Nordiske utdanningsinstitusjoner for sosialpedagogikk (NUFS) arranged a conference focusing on digital culture in the education of social workers and other related areas. Digital storytelling was a main topic addressed in several talks. There were two issues that I found particularly interesting: 1) How can we analyze how the students work in the process of DS and how can we describe (or even measure?) the learning outcome, and 2) If it’s true, as many of us experience, that most students lack basic skills in visual literacy, it is a paradox that we ask them to reflect seriously on questions of identity and professional identity in a language they do not master?