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200 students – public health stories in one day

200 students, the first cohort in International Publich Health 2009, produced their stories in groups of five and with guidance and assistance from 26 bachelor students in Media and communication. Most of the products have not been released for publication, but a few were. See:


Media and communication students in workshop

Approximately 40 bachelor students from Media and Communication created their digital stories in groups. This is part of their preparation for running a one day workshop on September 14th for 200 students in International Public Health.mok_workshop

9 stories were produced, and here you can have a look at two of them

Tripp-trapp from the group “død måke”

Pandemi from the group “nøff-nøff”

See my “cookbooks” for digital storytelling

Based on experiences from a number of workshops I have described the production process and added some pieces of advice that we have found useful.  Remember that the production starts with a good story and a good plan!

“Mini-cookbook” – one page: In English, in Norwegian
“Midi-cookbook” – a bit more elaborate: In English, in Norwegian